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Homework Study Tips: Why We Should Take Breaks From Time To Time

May 4, 2019

Piles of homework are a daunting task for everyone and it becomes more nerve –wrecking if you do not take breaks in between. It will prevent deterioration of studies as well as spoiling of health too. Though breaks are essential part of schedule but it is not advisable to take breaks every now and then. You must schedule your break after ever hour to maintain the discipline in everything you do and that with dedication. Unnecessary breaks not only prolong the duration of your homework but leads to procrastination too.

Why and how you should take breaks while doing homework

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  1. Timely breaks test you for discipline. They also test if you can follow your own rules.
  2. You should divide long assignments into smaller ones and take breaks thereby. It becomes more manageable.
  3. Set a timer to make your breaks more organized. Many students keep on looking on their clocks and feel the monotony throughout. Timers not only improves your this attitude but keeps distraction away.
  4. Breaks are essential as they offer our mind and soul the desired break that we need.
  5. You must stretch your body and allow more blood flow revitalizing it. You have a variety of options to do during your breaks. Physical exercises should not be neglected otherwise they can create nervous disorders.
  6. Study breaks improve on study skills and assist the child in developing time management. They learn to plan the study schedules and develop good study habits right from the beginning.
  7. Homework sounds monotonous and tedious especially when the subject is not interesting. Most of the students think that taking break is a waste of time but actually breaks improve on the productivity and prevent them from falling sleep. In that case, you must do something that is creative and keeps you alert. Whenever you tend to yawn or fall sleep, do some stretching. It pumps blood to the brain and improves on concentration.
  8. Have some healthy snacks like fruits, juices or shakes. Snacks and water prevents headache too.
  9. Appreciate yourself and take little extra break if you finish your homework before time.
  10. Breaks do not mean playing on computer and watching videos or games only. It is basically a way to attain your goal fast. Take your dog to a walk or stroll with your friends in the fresh air.

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